AIDC BLOG: Anwar's kid in USA?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Anwar's kid in USA?

Anwar's kids in USA?

He lectures in USA.

He was given a job in World Bank...same network and RIBA (usury)- centred finance system as IMF.

He goes on a globe-trotting campaign talking about "democratizing the Muslim countries to be in line with American-style 'democracy'".

He seeks medical treatment in Germany. (M'sian specialists ain't good enough)

Never mind the fact that the former PM (DR.M) had put his life and his heart (literally speaking) in the hands of young Malaysian cardiothoracic surgeons in IJN ...and survives until today (with God's Grace)

His good friends are in USA and elsewhere...anywhere but Malaysia.

He seeks to hide in a Turkish Embassy (while trying to figure out what to do next)..and shamelessly claim that the embassy "invites" him over.

The Turkish Embassy vehemently denied they ever invited him over.

Does he trust YOU Malaysians?
Do YOU trust him?
He wants to be Malaysian PM.
The choice is yours.